LED Digital Signage

The rapidly decreasing cost of LED backlight technology has resulted in the growing familiarity of LED TVs; forcing the Digital Signage market to stand up and take notice.

Due to the vast numbers of LED backlit TVs that are now being purchased by the domestic market the prices are being driving down further and soon will be cheaper than CCFL Backlit TVs. This large scale continuous production has also resulted in the technology itself advancing at a rapid rate. Since LED backlight technology was introduced screens have become slimmer, the contrast ratio has been improved and lifespan has been extended.

Displays manufactured for the Digital Signage market are produced on a fraction of the scale when compared with the commercial TV market, meaning rapid advancements in technology take a little longer to hit the market.

The advantages that LED backlights offer over their CCFL counterparts are obvious and numerous. LED backlit displays offer improved brightness, contrast ratio, lifespan, power consumption, operating temperature, illumination time and surface temperature.

LED displays can already be seen in commercial environments, meaning the Digital Signage market is already beginning to implement this technology. In the coming year Digital Signage displays, much like commercial TVs, will see the transition from CCFL to LED backlight technology.


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